Profits are wonky

Hey all, so I recently got a big grind at LEJ, got myself a couple 777Fs pretty rapidly and decided to hop on over to IAD for a little. I noticed something weird with the profits of some planes.

Civil A350 - IAD to EWR - around 3900
Cargo 777 - LEJ to FRA - 9500
Both are about 20 minues. IAD-EWR (22) LEJ-FRA(20)

How can this be? In the specifications list for each aircraft, the A350 has a capacity of 480 seats, while the 777 can handle over 1000 cargo. I know these are two different types of payload, but it doesn’t make sense how the A350 costs more but produces less than half the profit a 777F does in roughly the same distance. Am I missing something here?

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For Civil planes revenue dynamic, depending from destination, the longer destination the more money.
For Cargo plane it’s constant revenue +/- 1%-2%, without depend from destination.
There is some destination with exception, but I think it’s just small bug/mistake with income on such destinations.


Cargo planes make the most money on shortest trips, passenger planes make the most money on longest trips.

If you compared both on a Washington to Sydney flight, the 350 would make a ton more money, but Washington to Toronto, the 777f makes a ton more.


Do you recommend a flight distance for passenger planes then?
I want to maximize profits but don’t want to wear the aircraft fast for maintenance. Like is there a sweet spot between profits and distance?

I can tell you it’s less than 3 hours for a 747, which means it’s probably the same for all the ‘Ls’ aswell. I have a couple flying between IAD & SLC to see if they can run at a profit going that distance & the answer so far is no. They haven’t made any money yet & they’re coming up to maintenance C so I’m guessing the profit by the time they get to maintenance D will be very small, if any. The A380 might make some on the route as it takes a lot more passengers.

I know people say the game is great because of the no ads thing but this is the only game I know where you spend money & it makes the game harder. All the Ls & Xs have to be put on very specific routes (usually short) to allow them to run at a profit, unfortunately they are always waiting to land & it just feels like its an insane grind no matter how much money you’ve spent. I’ve had maintenance bills of over 1,500,000w for a day & it wipes out a weeks earnings.

Sometimes I just think I’m doing it all wrong & someone cleverer than me has it figured it out lol


good table and how to use it, for find gold balance.

Everything L and X, but the 380 can make a whole life profit sub 3,000nm

380 you can get closer to 6,000nm

So basically all these cargo long haulers in real life, fedex cargolux emirates etc are not making any money flying from let’s say memphis to dubai or LUX- MEX, AMS-VCP, IT REALLY DOES not make any sense otherwise they will be out of buisness

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I could imagine the disappointment realizing all this time the planes aren’t reaching the expected profits you wanted. I just noticed these profits at LEJ with cargo planes and thought something is so off. No way a 777F makes 9-10K a flight.

I guess I should just keep researching passenger Ls, but cargo is definitely where it is at right now.

it’s a real annoying topic in this game that you get punished by low revenues for flying long distances because the further you fly the sooner you have to pay for maintenance. you can only make a bit of money by flying both pax and cargo on short and ultra short distances.

I have to agree. It was said that Airline Manager will change how fleet planes work. Hopefully they’ll change the economy to a more realistic one.

If you remember it was oposite in the past. You could get like 38k for longest trip with A380. Old good times :slight_smile:

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I miss the days where a golden plane was W15000. Just buy and sell :sob:

Or just quit… :rofl:

No. Just grind (or pay) more!

It’s a good thing that the higher kerosene prices haven’t yet been put on the game.


We could rise the flight ticket prices accordingly :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a good thing I can operate a fleet of 14 A380s :)))