Purchased A380 (Level 53 NGO) but no destinations are available

NGO - Level 53
Purchased gold coins and worked hard to add an A380 in my fleet.
Landed the plane, then on Assign Contract, no destinations are available anywhere.
Restarted the game to check, still no destinations available.

Have I wasted my Dollars and Wollars?
What conditions need to be present for A380 destinations to show up?

Did it have enough range for Any of the airport?

And adding on to the above reply, have you modified the seat config?

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This is likely to be the issue. You will need business and first for destinations to show up. They will also be limited due to demand, but they should show up once that is fixed.

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Thanks everyone,
I must admit that I’ve never ventured into seat config, just operate the planes off the shelf. I’m digging into this now.

My expectation was that it should have range and default seat config as standard that would be suitable for a range of airports, as has ben my experience with a number of 747s out of the same airport.

Thanks people, this fixed the issue. More learning!

In 2.0, 3 factor determines the availibility of an aircraft. If destination is too far, you cannot select it; if runway is not enough, you cannot select it; if profit prediction is negative(too close resutling price too low, or not enough demand), you cannnot select the destination.

Just a quick check, my A380 config of 12-45-599 will have south-west China as close destination, and long haul destination covering most North America, Europe and some Africa city.