Purchasing of New Contracts

Now I have been playing this game for a while but rarely have I come on here so apologizes if either this topic or questions have been asked and answered however:

I remember before all these big updates you could essentially “buy” airports and then buy the contracts within them. That was all good and well. However with these new updates you have to spend cash &/or silver coins to get new contracts which wasn’t the case before the new look. My questions are (currently playing IAD)

  1. Why are some airports blue and most gray?

  2. Why can’t the airport you get contracts from change colour so you know where you have bought contracts previously?

  3. If I buy contracts do they get transferred to the next airport?

  4. (More a future update kind of thing) why can’t the devs permanently allow you to purchase the ATC controllers instead of buying 15min initially for 60 silver coins and then 40 coins thereafter?

  5. Why are there no FAQ’s in game to allow me to view questions or answers?

1 The blue ones are the playable airports, the gray ones are the others
2 Idk, probably because there are most of the time more than 1 plane you can recieve from x destination, so if the feature exists you need to first have all those planes unlocked from that destinations
3 nope each contract only exists on that airport
4 I have no idea. they would either have to make it very expensive but then most players can’t buy it without spending money or way to cheap but then it’s not sustainable maybe for the devs because I think it costs more to them to cover the server input or so idk
5 the turtorial should clear most things up, this community is very handy to have all your questions answered by the players or people close to the devs

(PS: I am just a player, these answers are just my assumptions, reasonings and things I think I can recall having read on this community before)

  1. Check the discord
  1. That has been discussed but so far has not been pushed as an option.