Pushing more plaine

I plaine the game slot but I have a problem because of the period of time to push new plaine I cant get all my parking spot full maybe you could delete the time piried so I can establish full parking lot

It’s not really the aim of the game, however once you get to the bigger aircraft and own your own fleet the spots will fill up as you have control over them. Other things you can do is use the accelerator button along with clicking aircraft as soon as they come into your queue. Final thing, although this may disappear soon is leave your aircraft on stand once completed.
But given the game dynamics, the devs have said many times that filling up an airport is not what they are going for, and trust me, be careful what you wish for. Once you get 30-40 planes in a queue at IAD you will be more than busy enough.


Please don’t even mention the horrors of that airport, thanks.


It’s taken me a long time to figure out a balance, I just hope it doesn’t backfire on me when the automatic timer goes in, we shall see.

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What is your approach on this? Delaying arrivals with fixed intervals on the delay counter? Keeping planes at the gates?

Right now, I have all the X and L gates open (22) , 12 M gates and the cargo gates open and that’s it. I used to have the rest (I opened every single gate which I now regret) with held aircraft from the generics. I just spent around 3m to convert all of them to my own fleet

That allows me a good balance between cash and throughput because I have 20 380’s that generate me decent money, I have the 12 M gates open to keep things interesting. I might open a few more M gates but don’t have to. It’s actually made IAD fun to play, before it sucked because my queue was backed up 30-40 minutes and wasted a lot of time, now as soon as they come up on the queue I can accept it and it’s at the gate a few minutes later. Only downside is that my queue gets blocked by my own 380’s sometimes, but that’s a trade off i am willing to deal with to give me time to work on other airports too.

That’s an expensive approach :wink:. Mine was quite the opposite. I started with building first a small fleet (12 BAE 146), then the small planes (24 B737) and last the large fleet (54 B777) and expanding the gates only when I got a new plane. Services grew accordingly when neccesary. For Cargo slots I have 2 M and 2 L. 380 I have a few, it takes to long to service them in my opinion.

Based on my experience with PRG and inspired by the “block” approach of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport I decided to have enough gates for minimal 3 “waves” of aircraft departures.

For incoming traffic I have “Operational Guidelines”. First, when one of the services is overextended I put the incoming airplane in the stack (full waiting counter cycle). They land when the counter turns red.
For my own fleet the rule is “in the stack” when there are 2 waves waiting for departure, only to land when a slot comes available.

It’s great fun to do this, the incoming and outgoing planes are smoothly handled with almos no qeueu.

Have you noticed that when there max 5 planes taxiing for departure, they have faster clearance for the runway? Sometimes I try to keep my outgoing planes to this number, but that’s difficult.

Wow. Would love to see a YouTube video of your plan. :smiley:

A complete playing cycle with all this airplanes is about 2 1/2 hours.I think you’ll be bored after 30 minutes of watching only the incoming planes at the start. There everything goes well. The “management” part starts after the first wave.