Q100 time is a bit of a squeeze

I really do like the new update and it makes sense now from an airport building stance.

The Q100 is a nice addition for variety but the amount of time for service is cutting it really close to the bonus timer with only like a few seconds to spare. It gets the same 4 minutes as the ATR’s but if you are vigilant with an ATR you get about 10 - 15 seconds before the bonus is up.

With the Q100 I have done several where I have literally prioritize hitting thier service steps (unloading, baggage, cleaning, loading - all with MAX service) and by the time it is ready to taxi there may be only 4 seconds left. If you are going down the line with all of your other planes on the apron it does does not give you much of a buffer to get to it and all of a sudden you have a Red circle.

All I am asking is for like 10 to 15 seconds added to the Q100 timer. I always respected the game for making you pay attention and be efficient with service and all the other models give a good buffer to getting the bonus.


It’s Q400

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Yeah sorry about that. But it’s the only Q in the game and my point is still the same.


I agree on that. It is tough to handle the Q’s even with maxed out handling services. A few more seconds would be great to have, right now these planes need the full attention - no problem on the smaller airports though. :slight_smile:

The one below is with losing not even one second during handling…


Yeah I also have trouble servicing the Q400 at times. It’s really a squeeze.


The worst used to be the Austrian ATR’s but I think we have found a new leader in the category
I’m such a slacker I can barely get 190’s done in time let alone Q400’s


I don’t understand how we have 5 mins for the Saab, but 4 for the Q400. I wonder if the timings where placed on the wrong aircraft during development?


I wondered about that too. Adding the relevant times (leaving, cleaning, boarding) it’s about a minute and still 4 to pass at a Saab 340.

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The Dash needs to be the focus of attention when it’s on the ground, connection flight Q400 I don’t have a problem with, but connections have extra time over AI aircraft. Then there is the delay in the takeoff button activating meaning the game sometimes pushes the Q400 beyond the timer, despite handling in time