Questions about the update

So this might be the first post after the update. I have been playing it for the last 15 minutes or so.
First of all congratulations to the Devs and to the community. The tower manager is awesome, especially the animation of how the manager comes in and sits on the chair.
I had the following questions:
1] I put the manager on for landings. But I dont understand in what order it makes the planes land.
2] Are the revenue figures for the 789 going to stay the same?
Ps the 787 looks fantastic but gosh the 788 and 78k are soo expensive.
3] Can I handle planes when I am inside the tower manager thing? I didnt seem to find it
Again Kudos to the Flyboys team and thanks for the update. Also including my first snap from the tower at MCT.


The heart tab has my vote… a fantastic and simple way to combat ordering your planes for arrival. Love it .

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How to unlocked LHR???

That’s not ready yet, will come in the next update. Read the notes

  1. It’s a combination of size and arrival time per the devs. Also it tends to put them in gate order so they show up together at the airport
  2. That’s my understanding and there’s a reason why they are expensive which can be found on the latest dev blog 18
  3. Not yet, not sure if that will be a feature or not.

In relation to question 1
If I add several contracts to my favourite tab will they land first??

Is the bug thats crashing my game after the update going to fixed or is my device which is a Samsung 22 ultra

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Like i wrote in “Problem with the Update”, i have the same Situation, my device is Galaxy Ultra S23

If I activate approach controller do planes actually land faster? There’s a 2 4 and 6 percent option but do they actually arrive faster?

Dumb as hell that you have to continuously spend silver planes to activate your controllers, pretty sure that’s not what players had in mind when they asked for this option!


It’s only 15 per action bro chill I thought it would be a lot more expensive


Well, the devs pointet this out pretty often. The amount of SP needed is pretty much nothing if you play the game constantly.


Well there’s the issue,not everyone has the time to sit and play all the time!

You don’t need to play for ages every day, every 24hrs the devs give you 100sp from the shop. For 15 mins of 2% of each, its more than enough if you don’t play often.

All, I will let you into a secret about the Tower Agent, the original set up was with SP for the 15 minutes, but you had to pay GP for the faster handling, and to the question about the speed, yes, each one of those items is increased by the % that you agree to pay for out of your silver planes. There is even an indicator to let you know when you have 2 minutes left, so you spend 10 to extend at level one not 15 to start over.
I’ve been using it continually while I have been testing and I can rarely play for more than 15-30 minutes at a time, and it’s been well worth it, and can still increase my SP count as well.


Wait so it actually does make planes land faster? That’s unexpected but I appreciate the speed up :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately 10SP is only if you pay for 20%
60% is 45SP and another 30 if you want to extend per service.

But it’s only been a few hours, I’ll keep playing to see how it goes

It seems no, but you can find them easier and then prioritise landing yourself