Questions on Regional Contracts

I am confused about local and regional contracts. Do you get more silver planes and $ from regional contracts than you would local? If so, is it worth cancelling the local contracts and slowly replace them with regional?

No, its depends on the plane. For example, Regional DHC8 is giving you less money than Local CRJ9, so strategy is the key.

I also have thoughts on tactics.
For example BRI.
About earning XP points. Do you think it will be better to cancel all M and L planes and play only S for faster XP points?
But maybe it doesn’t matter and it depends on the distance they fly. The length of check-in also plays a role.

Faster flight time = faster xp income. I have played for like 20 hours and airplane size is only play role in sp, not in xp. So S probably the best size to get xp faster.

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