Quiz thread

Ok thanks

Thought I’d kinda bring this back to life with a guess the plane

So guess this delta aircraft

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Kinda unrelated but remember back when the devs used to do high level sundays :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Based on the dimensions I wanna say B738. I could also go B739 but it doesn’t seem stretched enough…

Gotta be a delta 738

I’ll give you a clue it was over the Atlantic


Wrong variant!

Is it a B767-300

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That’s a Delta 737-900 isn’t it? You can see the scimitars and the main gear on the belly.

I think it was just the pixels messing up as it shows on flight radar as a delta 767

-300 ofc

That’s definitely a 737, the gear is the main give away.


Yep your absolutely correct I’m sorry bout that
I thought it was just the quality of the picture but yea it is a 737-900
My bad

It could be an 800, hard to tell from that angle though.

I think it was a 900 it was over the Atlantic close to new York so maybe it was going to canada or Boston

The 800 can go across the Atlantic it happens quite a few times, I don’t know if any medium aircraft apart from 737-Max, 757 and A321NEO LR can jump across the Atlantic

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I think the E195E2 obviously not realistic but I think it could make it from like Shannon and JFK
Kinda like ba used the a318 from Shannon to jfk

It does completely depend on if you count things like Iceland as across the atlzntic

I’m back from my one week break,i’ve regained my mental stability,and…
I genuinely never expected this to blow up.
I couldn’t thank you more for the recent support,despite taking a break from the forum.