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Here you can insert quizzes to entertain pepole.
Whoever gets one of them right gets a heart
Whoever gets one of them wrong,don’t worry,you’ll probably get them next time.If you want,you can also insert your own quizzes. oneGood Luck,i’ll give the starter:
What’s the best airline in the world??
a.Qatar Airways
c.Signapore Airlines.



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It’s none of them, unless I’m misunderstanding the question.


Not enough info is given. This phrasing is purely preference

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Oof.Appearently,as of 19 march 2024,it is said that by 2023,Signapore Airlines won the best airline,followed by Qatar Airways.
I kinda feel bad for those who said Qatar Airways,since they were right at one time,so those who said that so far also gets a heart,so they get a little sympathy for being close.

Anyways,the next one is gonna be hard.
Which is the second best airport in the world??
a.Changi airport
b.Hamad International Airport
c.Seoul Incheon Airport
d.Tokyo Haneda
I’ll give you time to think,but i’ll also give you a hint i’ll put on caps:DON’T GET TRICKED BY THE PHRASING!!!It says 2nd best,not the best.
I’ll definetly give out more pepole to answer on this one

Judging that Singapore was #1 airline, I’d assume Changi follows for airport
As for second, I’d guess hamad, because if Qatar was the second best, maybe their airport follows suit?

During this time,while you think of responding to the second question,i’ll give out the third and fourth question.

3.Which is the oldest airline based in Europe:
d.Air France
Hint:Read the phrase carefully,then you’ll get it right

4.Which out of these four airports in London is the first??(i’ll give a 5th option)
e.None of the above
Hint:Biggest≠First in this situation

Also,please read carefully:If you want to respond to the next question(4 for example),while you think of answering 2 consecutive questions(3 and 4 for example),please respond to the first one in that consecutive before you continue.
And don’t forget to give an answer per post so you don’t get mad you only got 1 heart.

No i think best is Hamad…second is Changi

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KLM is the oldest airline in the world that hasnt changed its name…so I would go with that

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British airways is oldest in world because of air transport and travel, but iirc klm is oldest? And it’s gatwick cause that’s where att was based

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@TheLegendRacer001 You’re leading with the most hearts. Congratulations for going this far,dude!
Also,sorry,but i messsed up my phrasing at the 6th question.Don’t worry,it will be edited,and i’ll give you a WHOLE day to edit and rethink.(I mean to say the first,not oldest)
Also,i tagged the wrong person,and i recently edited it to be @TheLegendRacer001 .

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Also,starting now,you can make your own questions.

I’ll give you one more question in meantime:

7.Which is the best airline in Europe??
a.Air France
c.British Airways

The answer to 7 is obviously BA

Then KLM is 3
I think croydon was first in London so non of the obove for 4

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Time for a quiz :smiling_imp:
Who is the second largest carrier at Washington Dulles International Airport
A. American
B. Delta
C. United
D. Alaska
E. Avianca

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B. Delta airlines

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Ok,to settle this down:
Please put an answer per post if you dom’t want to be mad you only got 1 heart.

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