Ramp agents not enough at Leipzig

Hello, with all gates opened and only 122 agents, it is not enough to deal with all heavy cargo and waiting times, devs should increase some of them, many thanks


They did:

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He means in the pass its true theres too little

Ok how did they did? For me it looks exactly the same… Unless it’s my mind?

Most airports like LHR unless you are having continuous flow with arrivals and departures don’t need that much crew

Oh, the processing time should be reduced.

Where is the fun of playing then?

I am playing LEJ for a long time now and it is my favourite airport.

The main reason is the double, usable, runways. This means twice the capability for handling aircraft, twice the money, SP’s and (by using them to buy) GP’s.

I have 200 contracts and 122 crew, augmented by 6 “free”. I deliberately keep this number so that my airport fills up with planes and actually looks like a busy airport.

I use the concept of “load balancing” to have a good balance for handling various planetypes. These challenges provide the fun for playing. And still I can sometimes handle up to 80 planes in 105 minutes.


The reason I said not enough because despite free crews or with xp, i get 10 to 20 aircrafts waiting for crews to finish, we don’t see that a lot for n other airports, as someone said the processing for heavy cargis take a long time

Yea true…one of the reasons I dont play LEJ

And that is why other airports look so empty to me.

I am going to give you honest opinion about LEJ.
I got LEJ near the beginning (January 2022) during COVID 19 we thank the Devs for risking there health to release LEJ ( unless they do it at home) and I along with lots of other people unlocked it via MCT. There are Pros and Cons on all airports (no airport is prefect) but I do agree with @OrangeAir that you get 2X money and silver planes with 2 runways. But, the problem is that you must land and takeoff at the same runway which I am not a fan of. Pre 2.0 I had tons of aircraft there 58 I think but after the update with contract slots which limits it and I would always like to have a balance between regular and my aircraft most of the aircraft after 2.0 were now junk in fact I sold all the S and some of M aircraft as it only gets me back the money I lost and to step up the aircraft with L aircraft. I do agree and disagree about the ground crew at LEJ, Agree that I balance the crew between Cargo and Passenger, Disagree due to Lack of Ground crew without the premium pass which is like 30 Gold planes I think so for most people it would take about 3 weeks to get LEJ.
Overall LEJ is alright, good for cargo but as the airport is filling up like real life it is surely a nightmare to most players

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It has alot of traffic its a cargo hub so its needed

So, I hope as a future suggestion for cargo ramp instead of unlocking only 1 agent they should give an opportunity to unlock 2 agents or 3 if you choose xl stand, if not reduce processing times for cargo flights
Hope they take it into consideration

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How do you balance it? I’m curious. Thanks.

It takes over a double time to finish LEJ than LHR or IAD, only easy way is to get rid of L and XL aircrafts which is not imaginable and pointless

First I assign all planes to stands and gates. Then land around 10 L and X cargoplanes first on 26L and simultaneously fill up the Pax stands with S and M’s, while only assigning enough crew to stay in the “green” for handling. Then I land S and M cargo planes. For this I use the Tower handling for 15 minutes.

When Tower handling stops I manually land the planes, type depending on available crew for servicing them, until there are enough for all to be serviced and some more waiting for it.

Around that time the first planes are getting ready for departure, by doing this decreasing the number of incoming planes. And thus having less servicing demand. From here I control the number of planes by manual landing and departure.