Random Events

I think the game could do with random events which could give it a nice challenge and help break up the repetitiveness and predictability.

There are a number of things that happen in the real world that could spice the game up a bit:

  • Destinations closing due to bad weather or other situation.
  • The airport you are playing (assuming you’ve unlocked at least 2) closing due to bad weather, or maybe only aircraft of a certain size can still get out.
  • Aircraft returning back to your airport for a medical emergency, costing you more to service the plane again.
  • Flights being diverted to another airport. Not only delaying the plane getting to it’s destination but costing you more.
  • Flight stuck at the gate due to the flight crew being missing or delayed waiting for passengers.
  • Arrivals interrupted for an emergency landing.
  • Some sort of emergency forcing a taxiway or the runway to close - that could be linked to a mini-game to deal with the situation.

Some of these would clearly be a lot easier than others to implement!!

I’d suggest a global pandemic grounding flights around the world and reducing them by 50% or more but that just seems unrealistic… :grin:


I feel isn’t suggestions 1-4 a bit infuriating as it could affect player connections and damage the games already not too great reputation?.. since it kind of forces people to purchase in-game items more often.

Oh, I hadn’t realised the game had a bad reputation.

I’m not sure any of my suggestions them would force you to purchase more in-game items, that’s really just down to how impatient you are I guess.

I just feel that once you figure out the right way to expand an airport (which you learn pretty quickly playing INN) there isn’t much of a challenge. You could complete any achievement with any size fleet, it’s just a matter of time; you always make money, not matter what you do there isn’t really a way to lose. You can reset an airport to start again but that is because you want to try something different; you don’t need to reset and try again because your choices mean you just can’t beat that that level.

Before was more ground aligning of the plane ( the small guys with illuminating sticks in hands) but now no more.
I have one it 500hours in-play.
Such a shame