Random Passenger/Cargo Numbers

Since we have the Time when you Bought an Aircraft the PAX Number stays always at the same when the plane arrives so I thought why not Make it Randomly


Even better would be a demand system. I know the game is complicated enough already but I think it would be a nice feature. Different flights would have different demands which means more or less pax/cargo.

This has briefly been discussed in a post of July 3rd.

Shill answered:

The part of timed out planes has recently been implemented so the “popularity aspect” may be there in the future too.

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One thing that doesn’t make sense is that before we send the plane for maintenance it is filled with passengers.


Well i don’t think that an airline would send an empty plane from IAD to FRA or Seattle and return just for maintenance. I suppose those flights are scheduled as regular flights with pax.

In game I think it would make more sense to receive the pax earnings as well.
So on a short distance like IAD - JFK or NGO - HND you’d get less income for PAX which means you have to pay more for maintenance but with the benefit that the plane will be earlier available (only about 30 minutes flight time each way + maintenance time)
And otherwise on a long flight like IAD - FRA there is a much longer travelling time but you’d be able to reduce maintenance costs due to pax income.

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