Random special arrivals

Now, I was thinking, you have special arrivals for levels, with a handful being able to arrive regularly
What if, there was a random chance of a special plane, any special plane, say every 30 minutes or so, so that you could see more level only planes more than just once
What do you guys think?


In all fairness, this is something I’ve wanted to see myself. If not random (but rare), we should have the ability to unlock a special arrival as a regular providing we have the route the aircraft originates from (ie Icelandair 757s from KEF).


Yes this would be a good addition to the idea

Agreed. But I would rather random specials then the ones we can unlock in the destinations tab.

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Yes, opt-in for frequency and types (I would love to see planes from other WoA game). Cheers

yes - good idea! Its kind of sad to never see them again lol