READ BEFORE POSTING: Guidelines for posting bug reports


I know how frustrating any kind of bug can be, when you are just trying to play the game and the importance of trying to get that information to the devs, so they can hopefully fix it (remember small team and limited time!)

However the number of threads being opened right now is crazy and it makes things very hard to keep track of as I do go through them to see if i can get them over to the devs for review as much as possible.

So from July 1st, we will be using specific threads to report bugs, so that we can keep an easier track. There will be 4 categories essentially.

UI Issues - Report bugs around the interface, Levels not working properly, issues with destination lists etc.

Airport - Report bugs on airport taxiing, servicing and layout issues, each airport would have it’s own thread.

Aircraft - Report bugs on aircraft issues such as the missing wheel, engine errors and the like, specifically related to the aircraft itself. This will be by aircraft type (S/M/L and X), won’t be split by Cargo or individual aircraft type, although the specific aircraft type at issue MUST be included in your post now there are variants of the same one out there.

Release issues - This will be a thread created after each release that will kind of cross over the above, and focus on issues created by a new release. The thread will be created for each release and be open for 1 week after release occurs to allow for new bugs to be reported. Once the thread closes, revert to the other threads for reporting.

For Game Performance issues - Please use the Technical Issues Section of the Forum, detailing the problem (screenshots always helpful) and please ensure you document what type of device you have, this is critical to narrowing down such issues.

The goal here is to be concise, clear and allow me and the devs (remember, I’m not a dev) to pick up what’s needed easily.


  1. Where possible, please include a pic or a link to a video showing the issue you are posting about, helps me and the devs zero in on the problem. Also identify, Gate numbers, areas of the airport and even camera used, more information the better

  2. For Game Performance, device type is critical to knowing if it’s a big issue or a specific one to your device accordingly.

  3. Don’t multi-post. If your exact issue has already been posted in the thread, please like the original post, quote the original post and note “I’m having the same issue”, keeps threads clean as much as possible

  4. Keep your frustrations to yourself. Keep the language civil and to the point, the devs work really hard at this game, it’s not a personal attack if there is a problem and they will get to it, just give them time, especially after a big release like MCT was.

  5. Anybody posting their own threads from July 1st will have them removed. If there is an issue that doesn’t conform to the 5 types above, message me FIRST, do not just post it.

If I know a bug has been fixed, I will report back, but often times, I don’t know it until the rest of folks do with the release info. Just know that I am going to endeavor to report these, but you gotta help me by following this set up. As I see additions to bug fix items, or I am informed by the devs, I will let everyone know.

I will be creating the threads over the next couple of days, but they will be locked until July 1st, to give everyone time to understand the plan. (it’s only a few days anyway at this point)

Any questions, please let me know, but remember when it comes to bug reporting, more is more. Pics, Videos, details on which phone/tablet you are using, are all helpful to the devs in finding solutions quicker.

Thanks for understanding.

Andy (Carlsberg72)


Well, in the army they have told us that it’s better to sleep a night over your frustration and report the issue a day later.
Unfortunately, I sometimes forget that and vent my anger before I prefer to sit back for a moment. Sorry, guys.

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wasn’t about anyone specific, just a general guideline that we really all should follow, me included

I wasn’t referring to myself directly. I just know myself better than anyone else ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I do have to say, even though i’ve only been mod for around a month or so, the civility on here is actually pretty good, just a couple of pockets here and there. But nothing scary like my local city Facebook Page


Hi there

My game has crashed and once reloaded my own fleet that I had parked at the gates has disappeared, when I check my fleet I can see they’ve been deleted somehow as the numbers for ones I own have all decreased

another restart will fix it, it’s a known bug and will be fixed in the next update

Problem with connection to the internet I get this massage in every airport I log to

Known, I beleive


@FlybyNight , please read this thread Before posting connections requests.

Reminder. Post bug reports in the correct threads or your thread will be automatically deleted


Andy (Carlsberg72 and Forum Mod)

Another reminder. Do not create your own bug report threads. Use the ones provided, own bug threads WILL be deleted as soon as seen.