Realistic graphics

I just saw the facebook page of Unmatched Air Traffic Control. See their realistic graphics, so awesome as if they are happening in real. World of Airport should also come with a realistic graphic, I hope first thing WOA developers do is improve the realistic graphics. Thank you.

We need low polygon models (as now) otherwise game would lag terribly like UATC does. Some tweaks will happen but no graphical glithes are more important.


I am fine with the graphics as they are. It is a mobile game, many devices couldn’t handle GTA V-like graphics. I think the game looks great.


lolz “Like UATC does” Hahaha :joy: :joy::joy:

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Well It does for me with top phone model and tablet.


Personally, I don’t like the graphics of UATC and at least this game gets updates… The graphics are perfectly fine from a distance.


Yes it does. That is why I stopped playing it.

Everyone should also remember, at least the OG players of UATC, that its graphics were also horrible some time ago, and also airplane models were very low poly. Now granted WoA airplanes are also a bit low poly on some planes (A380 is an excellent example).
Also remember realistic mode on UATC was implemented only a year or two ago (as far as i remember)


UATC might have better graphics now but that’s only been for a year or two. I started playing roughly 2 months after it came out and holy macaroni did it look bad.

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Thats exactly what i was trying to explain above. Nice to see im not the only one who remembers.
Remember the low poly 737 which wasnt really round? :joy:


Don’t we all

Yeah, and I played a modded version! Everything else was fine, but that dang 737! XD

UATC is practically dead. It’s no longer supported on my iPhone in regards to achievements. This game is at least updated!

And getting points in UATC is not possible. After level 5 you have to unlock 4/5 gates because of traffic. When I saw that, I deleted the game.

Not sure what you are saying. As long as you landed planes and took them off, you would be able to unlock the gate in no time. Must be a new glitch or something but the game has not been updated since 2019 and is no longer compatible with iPhone for achievements.

I did not have enough money to buy the gates and I didn’t spend it on anything.

I think you don’t need to answer @Ivan0921 since I didn’t see him here since June.