Recommended Planes

Hey all once again, so during this update they made a discount on all planes 30%, and it also so happened that over 30 M planes at IAD were at Maintenance D. I obviously scrapped all for silver planes and ended up with 6000. I bought the A380, one of my favorite planes, and wanted to ask what planes should I get next? I know I should save, but it’s all on a discount and I personally want to get new planes.

If someone could recommend a good L Cargo and perhaps a cheap L PAX plane all for 3300 silver planes, that would be awesome! Thanks all!

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First off, congrats on getting so many Silver Planes! Awesome!

I’m not sure what the prices are for each of the planes, but if you are going for Wollars, I would get the 777F. If Wollars are nice, but not super important, maybe the A306F

If you want a good connection plane, I would suggest the B777, B787, A350, or A346. The smaller L planes are mostly profitable when used shorter distance, but I still also use them for long distance.

I hope this helps you make a decision! You don’t have much more time for the sale, I think less than 24 hours? Idk, timezones confuse me.

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Thank you so much!

I am really excited to have all of them, going a bit money happy! :grin:

Yup considering that since I already have the A350 and A343 unlocked, I might just buy the 777F and hold off on a L PAX for now. I was considering the 787 but perhaps there is no reason to do that now.

Thanks again, I appreciate all the help!! :smiley: