Reintroduction of PRG - SAN stopover

When SAN was initially released, a PRG - SAN connection was included with a stop in TER. I’m wondering if this connection could be reinstated (with the SAN - PRG leg as well) with a different routing, possibly PRG - TER - BOS - SAN, and vies versa! Would be helpful with connections seeming SAN doesn’t have many stands for L/X aircraft.

Something else that would be helpful is if the number of departure slots on stopovers could be increased, partially for connections to SAN & BRI.

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maybe PRG-KEF-SAN is the more realistic option?

KEF - SAN is a little out of range, so it would require an extra stop somewhere. Possibly somewhere in Canada like YYZ.

PRG-KEF-YYZ-SAN? lot of stops.

SAN - NGO already has two stops, so it’s nothing new. Airlines such as TWA use to route 727s from the States to parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East with about 5 or 6 stopovers.

What are the 2 stops?

Stops are ANC & PKC.

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