REL 1.0.5 - Changelog

Progress log - 10.11.2019
Release: 1.0.5 internal build code 1.23.13
Deployed: 10.11.2019


  • Plane collisions while taxing in PRG
  • BRI: L-stands number-plates on apron
  • PRG: prop planes have “steady” rotors when landing - it starts moving again when plane touch down the runway
  • B737 / A380 do not have “eyebrows” anymore :smile:
  • Animation/graphical fixes here and there

New features:

  • Anonymous login possibility removed - used by cheaters
  • A320 - Wizzair and respective connections to BRI/PRG/INN
  • A320 - Volotea - and respective connections to PRG/BRI/INN
  • lined-up planes enters apron one-by-one if there is no pushback/taxi to runway procedure ongoing
  • In-game beginners tutorial

Game mechanics adjustments/tweaks/changes:

Following steps/tweaks for game mechanics:

  • Runways landing and take-off points reference points moved - to speed up RWY operations (both landings and takeoffs are significantly faster)
  • Quiting to Main menu - landing/bound to land planes that are not @ stands yet will land again (to
    prevent abusing previous game mechanics to have all planes in queue immediately at gates upon
    airport restart)
  • timer for handling is back to “original version” it start when plane touch the ground (due to above change)
  • prolonged landing lenght for M and L planes @ BRI (they will exit runway upon landing one or two taxiway further to fit reality more)

Currently: S-planes are leaving via CHARLIE as well as M/L-planes. After change M-planes are exiting runway to taxiway DELTA (then L’s to ECHO)

  • it is still possible to “reset” departure que on runway holding point… however its not adviceable as for ingame achievements only planes that actually takeoff will be accountable hence players should get used to that slowly because achievements are progressing well.