REL 1.0.6 - Changelog

Progress log - 17.11.2019
Release: 1.0.6 internal build code 1.23.14
Deployed: 17.11.2019

New features:

  • Boeing 787 introduced in L-type aircrafts group
  • United Airlines B787 livery (+ connection to PRG)
  • American Airlines B787 livery ( + connection to PRG/BRI)
  • Qatar Airways B787 livery ( + connection to PRG)
  • Turkish Airlines B787 livery ( + connection to PRG/BRI)

Game mechanics adjustments/tweaks/ changes:

  • Timer for handling starts when plane arrive to jet-bridged gate or apron stand and stops in parking position
  • Handling times for individual operation reviewed (additionaly handling changes will increase occupancy at all playable airport)
  • After timer is completed - plane can remain at gate and it is up to player when plane will commence taxing for departure (thats step 1 for future developement of this idea - passive income bonus for efficient handling)
  • Arrival speed boost / temporary arrival stop functions - now cooldown equals time of use (i.e. if it was in use for 55 sec. > cooldown is 55s. for that operation).

Note: We ara experiencing issue when own planes not landing at airport (only some players are affected). Still we can’t replicate that specific error = but devs are working hard on finding a way to fix that one. Sorry for inconveinnience we are doing our best.

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