REL 1.0.7 - Changelog

Progress log - 02.12.2019
Release: 1.0.7 internal build code 1.23.15
Deployed: 03.12.2019


  • Further collisions rectification (PRG/BRI) - all hot spots are (hopefully) fixed now


  • green b737 will now arrive with different logic:
  1. First arrival after 100 handling points
  2. 2nd (and following with increased by 100 requirements of arrival points - 200>300>400>…>
  3. Green plane has to be summoned (achievement has to be executed).

New features:

  • Social Plugin ” - details below:
  1. Each player will have a possibility to select 2 friends (on another 2 playable airports)
  2. Player (of choice) for every airport has to “accept/establish a connection” with host
  3. Those players will be prioritized for “accepting” player airplanes when they land at playable airports
  4. Push notifications are there for established connection (recipient can reject/approve) and another push notification on landing event of friendly plane.
    Note: turn ON push notification on phone for WoA - without this, it will be hardly possible to establish and maintain connections.
  5. If player will successfully handle friend plane within 1 hour from landing push notification - player will receive point to “social ranking”
  6. Handled plane adds +1 point to connection statistics (despite the size of the plane).
  7. If player will fail to accept landing of friendly plane it will go to “random player”
  8. It is possible to “delete established connection” and pick another friend instead.
  9. If established connection does not register a connection for more than 24 hours - it is automatically canceled (and a new one can be established instead with the same or another player).
  • Achievements system (first part) introduced.
  1. Progress of “golden plane” now presented with numeric details.
  2. Unlock of airport presented in achievements
  • Water salute introduced:
  1. For new planes in the fleet.
  2. For newly established connections

In development

  1. More achievements in the build phase (one of will be “Top5” connections points)**

  2. Special website (ladder) will be introduced with various in-game statistics for each and every registered player - lots of statistics and numbers to brag (or be ashamed) of :slight_smile: