REL 1.1.0 - Changelog

Progress log - 19:.12.2019
Release: 1.1.0 internal build code 1.23.17
Deployed: 19.12.2019


  • number of various fixes here and there


  • Camera options:
  1. Fixed camera that follows aircrafts and stands on click
  2. Free “roam camera” that stays where it is left by player ( not jumping to plane location )
  3. Camera zoom out further on bigger airports (PRG/ IAD)
  • Hiding planes not in handling - now thee is a dedicated button for that instead of double click to hide/show cards

New features:

  • IAD/KIAD - Washington Dulles International Airport

  • S-plane: CRJ700 with liveries for airlines as follows:

  1. United Airlines (2 liveries)
  2. American Airlines
  • B737 new liveries
  1. Southwest
  2. United Airlines
  3. Americal Airlines
  • INN: apron plane movements logic improved - simultaneous pushback and enter of apron for arriving planes possible.

  • terminal(s) building tooltip - it shows which kind of stands are possible to build with new terminal of choice

In development

  1. Passive income - stand “parking” feature for certrain amount of time that generates passive income.
  2. More airline liveries and plane models
  3. Cargo operations.
  4. More camera options
  5. More player custom liveries

And some more :slight_smile: