REL 1.1.11 - Changelog

Progress log - 19.04.2020
Release: 1.1.11 internal build code 1.24.11
Deployed: 19.04.2020


  • Connections error for some routes/players


  • Possiblity to skip (any) minigame
  • Income for player operated aircrafts increased (new formula that slightly bumps income and it corresponds to real prices level scaled to the game).

New features:

  • Terminal 3 PRG - Heritage of previous game AirportPRG.
    83rd anniversary of first DC2 landing @ PRG

  • IAD: M (11) /XL (7) CARGO stands introduced

  • B747 (cargo) XL-size

    • UPS
    • Prime Air
  • B737 (cargo) M-size

    • Fedex
    • Prime Air
  • A340 (pax)

    • Iberia
  • B747 (pax)

    • Lufthansa (retro)
    • Qantas
  • B777 (pax)

    • ANA (Star Wars livery)
  • E190 (pax)

    • LOT Polish Airlines
    • Jetblue
  • A380 (pax)

    • Qantas
  • Triangle players livery (for all available machines)

Moved to following release:

  • Nagoya (NGO) airport - pax and cargo traffic - works in progress 66,66%

Maintenance explained

  1. Maintenance is splited into three phases:
    • Phase A - core system - where planes are monitored for milage they flew and send for A/B/C/D maintenance checks once certain amount of milage is reached
    • Phase B - (add-on 1) - where players will be able to have own maintenance hangar fot carry on A/B class maintenance (C/D have to be made in “factory facility” - plane has to be send to nearest factory - costs always involved
    • Phase C - (add-on 2) - players will have possibility to carry on A/B class maintenance for generic-traffic planes

Current patch has maintenance Phase-A. It will receive add-ons with following game releases (depending on prioritization).

Maintenance (phase A) explained

We will use “ATR72” as an example here:

  • Every plane’s life cycle ends up when 1000% of its initial value is earned
  • that is translated to milage (NM)
  • after certain amount of milage done by a plane is reached - plane needs to have A>B>C>D check
  • when first D-check is completed - plane is repeating cycles (A>B>C>D) and when second D-check point is reached plane maintenance will cost lot more than for reasonable not-aged plane (theoretical end of life-time is reached).
  • milage is presented in “Fleet card” in game for every plane (with “maintenance progress bar” and respective number)
  • it does not matter if player choose long or short route for specific plane - distance (NM) is what matters for maintenance program
  • as plane gets older and passing certain maintenance-lifetime milestones it decrease its “gold plane” value

Plane/fleet details (new hangar / new plane card)

If you look closely - each and every plane can earn lot more than maintenance cost for the same - so there is no need to create drama :slight_smile:

Important note: maintenance is new - planes will not have “old milage” each and every will start with “carte blanche” - meaning like brand new 0 NM.