REL 1.1.12 - Changelog

Progress log - 25.04.2020
Release: 1.1.12 internal build code 1.24.12
Deployed: 27.04.2020


  • User Interface for player connections (scrolable bar)
  • Achievement counting bug (now it happens on the fly).
  • “Triangle” livery fix with grey color


  • Generic planes reward system (bonus/penalty is being removed)

New system calculations are based on real airport fees calculation (PAX, MTOW, quantity of fuel refilled). That means its a dynamic value (as planes have various fuel level every time they arrive and level of remaining fuel depends on route lenght).
Note: it applies to own aircrafts as well.

  • New pathfinding around cargo terminal @ PRG

New features:

Airbus 350 - new plane model
Airbus 350 - player livery

New liveries:

  • A320 - TAP Portugal
  • B737 - Air Canada
  • B737 - Smartwings
  • B737 - Alaska Airlines
  • B737 - Czech Airlines
  • B787 - LOT Polish Airlines
  • B777 - Emirates
  • A350 - Japan Airlines
  • A350 - Thai Airways
  • B77W - Emirates

New player-custom liveries for : B777, B737, CRJ

Future developements for airport terminals

In the future accuracy of handling on time will “summon” passangers for each and every “flight class”. Effective airports will have enough passangers in terminals to fill-up the planes. Players will be able to send plane with less than 100% seats occupied (up to player to decide - income is of course lower then).

Players will pay for refueling own plane as well (based on destination will be calculated status of fuel tank after finish previous rotation).