REL 1.1.4 - Changelog

Progress log - 14.01.2020
Release: 1.1.4 internal build code 1.24.3
Deployed: 14.Jan.2020


  • IAD: various fixes for planes going on top of each other during pushback procedure
  • Engine nozzle ends graphics for A340/A380
  • Missing water salute IAD

New features:

  • In-game news system (main menu)
  • L-size plane: Boeing 777
    With United Airlines livery and connections accordingly:
  • Player owned planes custom liveries for all airplanes (at least 1 for each)


  • L,XL-size planes pricing revised (and some technical datas)

Under developement:

  • New airplane liveries
  • Different camera views
  • Cargo operations