REL 1.1.5 - Changelog

Progress log - 22.01.2020
Release: 1.1.5 internal build code 1.24.5
Deployed: 22.Jan.2020


  • Disconnected jet bridge when Concorde is at L-stand

New features:

  • Runway view(s) / Tower view(s) as applicable
  • Update to landing animation for planes
  • Multi-language nick support in game
  • For playable airports “airport streak” added (for all connections for particular airport with any players).


  • Connections:
    • 4 hours from arrival to land a plane and commence handling with connection-mate to get connection point
  • max. 24 hour timer doesnt apply anymore
  • when connection is cancelled counter for personalized connection is still reseted to 0
  • non-personalized connections are running with any player plane handled succesfuly

Under developement:

  • New airplane liveries
  • Cargo operations
  • More game mechanics tweaks and changes