REL 1.1.7 - Changelog

Progress log - 10.02.2020
Release: 1.1.7 internal build code 1.24.7
Deployment: 12.Feb.2020


  • Timer for cargo S-planes
  • Planes that are taxing to stand upon landing in darkness will have lights ON properly

New features:

  • New Ladderboard link (to google play and game store statistics) — Note stats are separate for IOS and Android.

  • B747 XL-plane model with liveries:

    • Lufthansa , Korean Air (flying to IAD)
    • Korean Air (flying to PRG)
  • B777 - liveries (and connections for):

    • KLM
    • Korean Air

In-progress (long term plan) note that order is random (not prioritized)

  • Events (emergency handling steps - random).

    • Passanger not boarded - luggage to be removed from cargo compartment
    • Medical assistance on apron
    • Firebrigade assistance on apron
    • Abort take off (technical failure) > back to stand for fix and set for departure again
    • ILS issue - player temporarily in charge of landing operations
  • Maintenance of planes

    • player planes will need maintenance every X rotations for small fee
    • Generic planes will have to be maintaned (it will create some extra income).
  • Cargo operations in Bari (Generic traffic)

  • Cargo M-size airplane (1) B737-Freighter - liveries below:

    • Cargo Air (operating for DHL)
    • TNT
    • BlueBird Cargo
  • Player-player Cargo connections with achievements for the same (INN-BRI) for a start

  • Cargo operations in PRG (Generic traffic >>> followed by player traffic when time comes)

  • Cargo operations in PRG (Generic traffic >>> followed by player traffic when time comes)

  • Cargo L-size airplane (1) B777-Freighter - liveries below:

    • DHL
    • Aero Logic
    • Southern Airways
  • Cargo L-size airplane (2) B757-200CF-Freighter - liveries below:

    • DHL
    • UPS
  • Cargo XL-size airplane (1) Antonov 124 - livery below:

    • Antonov Airlines
  • Cargo XL-size airplane (2) B747Freighter - liveries below:

    • UPS
    • Kallita Air
    • Cargolux
  • More Player destinations (to spread traffic)

  • Drop down list of destinations to accomodate more than 9 destinations

  • New liveries (generic traffic)

    • B777 liveries additions (with generic traffic connections)
    • B787 liveries additions (with generic traffic connections)
    • B737 liveries additions (with generic traffic connections)
    • A320 liveries additions (with generic traffic connections)
    • E190 liveries additions (with generic traffic connections)
  • New plane models:

    • Q400 model + liveries to follow
    • A220 model + liveries to follow
    • A350 model + liveries to follow
  • Special L or XL-plane model (classic plane) to be unlocked when all connections achievements are fulfilled by player - model to be choosen in pool by players

  • Confirmed airports:

    • Nagoya Airport (Japan) [NGO]
  • PRG - stand22 to be converted to L/XL

  • Furter User Interface improvements (10+)

  • Further Graphics improvements

  • Wider color range for player liveries (on top of current 8-colors set).

  • Sort-of arrival list (it is dynamic due to player planes priority hence a bit difficult to make)

  • Purchaseable auto-handling gate feature

  • Liveries/airlines waiting lists (liveries for existing models have some sort of priority when created:

    • A320 liveries: SAS, SAS Special, Lufthansa (new), Aegean, Aer Lingus, Air Malta, Alaska Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, Swiss, WOW Airlines,

    • A340 liveries: SAS, SAS Star alliance, Azarbaijan Airlines, Iberia

    • A380 liveries: Lufhtansa, Etihad, Malaysian Airlines,

    • B737-800 liveries: SAS, SAS special, Aeroflot, Alaska Airlines, Norwegian, ElAL, Pegasus, Turkish Airlines

    • B777 liveries: Air China, Air China spoecial, Air India, ANA, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Swiss, United (new), Egypt Air

    • B787 liveries: British Airways, Etihad, LOT Polish Airlines,

    • CRJ700 liveries: Lufthansa, SAS,

    • E190 liveries: Air France HOP, Belavia, LOT Polish Airlines,

    • Q400 liveries: Austrian, Croatian Airlines, Flybe, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxair, Porter,