REL 1.1.8 - Changelog

Progress log - 02.03.2020
Release: 1.1.8 internal build code 1.24.8
Deployed: 02.03.2020


  • IAD - S-stand 5C causing blockade of taxiway
  • PRG - S-stand 75 causing blockade of taxiway
  • IAD: middle tower wrong placement of red-lights


  • max “bonus” for IAD revised (25% new value)
  • max “bonus” in PRG revised (40% new value)
  • arrival rate slightly boosted in PRG

New features:

  • Global shaders optimization (game performance boost)

  • Minigame: taxi to stand - player can control parking of aircraft @ stand from time to time (taxiways are blocked - marshall is temporarily un-available)

    • Taxiways are blocked - you may want to help your staff to get rid of jammed traffic
    • Plane card will blink orange if “special attention” is necessary for a minigame
    • Minigame takes ˜15 sec.
    • It is random “event” does not happen to every plane
    • After its parked - normal handling sequence to be carried out
    • If one does not want to carry on minigame - after certain amount of time (airport size dependant) of being blocked plane will be parked by airport staff (but time, flow is lost)
    • succesful parking of plane with 3x100% accuracy grants income to player
  • Scrollable destination bar - more than 9 destinations can be handled when they are added

  • Revamped hangar - player fleet visible there / possibility to change liveries from those already owned by player

  • BRI: 4 S-cargo stands introduced

  • PRG: 2x L stands introduced (stands 22 and 23 upgraded to higher tiers)

  • Double jetbridges for L/XL planes introduced - but they are operational for XL planes at the moment.