REL 1.2.0 - Changelog

Progress log - 10.05.2020
Release: 1.2.0
Internal build code 1.24.13
Deployed: 13.05.2020


  • Fuel cost fix for player planes when sent for maintenance

New features

  • Customization of player liveries (colors). Users can pick any RGB color for a gold planes fee.

  • New player-custom liveries for number of plane models

  • Sold plane behaves as if it is timed out

  • New airlines/liveries (along with Nagoya):

    • Jeju Air B737
    • ANA (special orange) A380
    • Japan Airlines - B787
    • Starflyer A320
    • ANA - B747
    • ANA - B737
    • IBEX airlines - CRJ700
    • Nippon Cargo Airways - B747 Cargo Freighter
    • FDA (Fuji Dream Airlines) - E190
    • Air Asia - A320
  • Connection planes will fly in with priority (first in).

  • If airline has multiple liveries - pressing subsequent time airline logo is showing following liveries.


There was problem with lock runway for players + taxi issues here and there.

Hotfix (REL 1.2.1) is released (expected to be in distributed in both game stores in hours to come).


Following hotifx (1.2.2) is under internal evaluation. Will be released after checked and stable.

Update: its out in both stores (Apple takes a little longer as usual).