REL 1.22.3 Beta - Changelog

**Progress log - 15.August.2019
Release: **1.22.c
Deployed: 14.08


  • New post processing pipeline with better performance and flexibility
  • Airplane outline no longer gets affected by night lights
  • FIxed “shadow spinning at night” + ATR propellers now spin properly
  • Take-off in INN (planes properly take off)
  • Various issues with handling times on specific stands @ BRI and PRG
  • Resolution of liveries for L and X planes when camera is zoomed-out
  • Disable market (charging for diamonds/goldies) to be enabled on release only
  • PRG: Pathfinding issues for XL & L planes
  • Faulty build behaviour of stands @ PRG airport (some S-stands affected)

New features:

  • L-Plane (Concorde) intorduced (livery for backers but have to be tested)
  • M-Plane (E190) intorduced **
  • Simulation of incoming traffic with arrival board (panes will not land automatically without limit)
  • New liveries :Austrian, Alitalia, Easyjet, British Airways
  • Tip of gate bridge not to have plane marker appearance
  • Synchronization with Google Play
  • Synchronization with Apple Game Center
  • Special “gold” livery for backers
  • Special “100 planes handled” livery (B737 arriving with 2xincome and 1 golden plane)
  • Less prominent taxing indicator and marker of the plane (only when plane is not focused by camera)
  • New value for plane handled bonus (to collect 100 points for 1 gold plane they are accounted as below):
    • S-1 point
    • M-2 points
    • L-3 points
    • XL- 4 points
  • More destinations for better traffic distribution with new vawe of players
  • Gold plane 50k$ purchase icon removed (as market is implemented)

New features with work-in-progress status - subjected to be implemented next release (Beta)

  • Additional airport (still not completed - may be introduced with first update for joint Alpha and Beta
  • S-plane (Ba146-200) to be introduced
  • More liveries in the pipeline to match real traffic for available airports as close as possible.
  • Go-back button on any screen (instead of pause)
  • When own plane arrive on own airport player get push notification
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