REL Beta - Changelog - is uploaded for IOS and AND.

**Progress log - 7.09.2019
Deployment plan: 08.09

Note: - full server wipe was necessary in order to implement new airports features + in-game features


  • User Interface change - cards are more clear / main plane card is bigger for better clarity
  • Animation fixes
  • Pathfinding fixes - stuck planes in BRI

New features/changes

  • Handling unification for E190 Ba146

  • Bari with change for L-stands (M-stand in the middle is not there anymore to fix traffic jams problem).

  • Tunning of prices and equipment handling speed (some of them) in order to improve gameplay and make game more demanding.

  • AI L-planes traffic added to BRI

  • Planes will land with different amount of remaining fuel (from 0-50% of tank)

  • By default only S-stands for airport enabled (2 pcs)

  • Handling bonus modifier:
    a) player can have negative/positive income modifier for planes landed (or missed landing slot)
    b) plane missed landing slot -1
    c) landed and handled succesfuly +1
    d) reward is adjusted accordingly dependant on positive/negative modifier by ± 50%

  • Fleetlist combined with used planes market - possibility to sell player owned planes for golden planes (with decreased value compared to purchase price)

  • Plane location details in Fleetlist:

ETA:now (when plane originally during offline period and its shortly to land)
At airport (taxing/handling on present airport)
Travelling to {flag}{destination} (ETA: {time})
Travelling from {flag}{destination} (ETA: {time})

  • New Gold planes market introduced:
    a) Possibility to exchange golden planes into in-game currency

  • New liveries for:
    Ba146 - FlyBe, AirFrance
    E190 - Air Dolimiti, KLM, Finnair
    B737 - S7 Airline, KLM
    A340 - Virigin Atlantic, Lufthansa (new) livery
    A380 - Korean Air, British Airways

  • Connections for above liveries where applicable

  • Players livery - players will not have possibility running real airline liveries on release anyway but instead they will have own personalized fleet livery for every owned plane. At the moment one option but more “templates” to be introduced later.

  • In “building mode” feature to show what is going to be unlocked with specific building.

And more :slight_smile:

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