REL 1.23.3 Beta - Changelog

**Progress log - 09.09.2019
Release: 1.23.3
Deplyed: 09.09

Note: - full server wipe was necessary as people created number of accounts due to the bug in previous release.


  • Fix for persistent bug with faulty building mode upon restart
  • Handling reward system: after 1 plane for “go around” it doesnt go directly to -50%, gradual decrease introduced

Minor fixes:

  • A340: custom livery tail fin is now painted on both sides
  • PRG: Stand 11 - bumpy taxing after leaving stand (pathfinding)
  • INN: when Ba146 lands and its just about to leave runway it gets “twitchy”
  • Ba146 correct parking position
  • Notch screen adjustment
  • Missing tail fin part of Ba146 when zoomed out/in

Number of gold planes increased for start - to enable testing of own plane mechanics relatively fast before next update is out. :wink: