REL 1.23.4 Beta - Changelog

**Progress log - 01.10.2019
Release: 1.23.4
Deployed: 01.10.2019


  • Upon map/airport restart - planes are stuck (handling is impossible)
  • Radar WEB proper traffic information
  • Positioning of L / XL machines @ BRI/PRG - so planes passing visually do not overlap parked machines
  • Passengers counter shows proper values on main-menu
  • Slow pushback in vicinity of stands S14/S15/S16/S17-18-19-20 @ PRG

New features:

  • Handling speed boost function for small fee (overtimes for airport staff :P)
  • Arrival radar now has functions to:
    a) speed up arrival on request
    b) freeze arrivals on request (with cooldown between single use of this feature)
  • If player is on positive bonus - not completed handling machines will still provide partial-income
  • Arrival slots extension by purchase - default 1 arrival slot with possibility to extent to 4
  • Only planes that fit current setup of an airport will appear on arrival (if player owns only S-stands - S planes will appear on holding etc.)
  • BRI : extended landing length for M and L planes before they leave runway for taxing
  • Cooldown for destination airports (to prevent user send planes one-after-another to same destination in short intervals)
  • Destinations-to be unlocked by purchase before they can be used.
  • For AI planes that have handling in progress - it is now continued from the point when airport was left by player.