REL 1.23.5 Beta - Changelog

**Progress log - 10.10.2019
Release: 1.23.5
Deployed: 11.10.2019


  • Own plane “locked” - no possibility to send it to a destination when a player has no founds
  • BRI: T2 M-stands and S-stands opposite T2 - faulty way to runway on departure (pathfinding)

New features:

  • Indicators if any activity is beyond edges of screen for plane/card.
  • Double tap outside of cards is hiding “inactive” cards (those that are not under handling)
  • Airports unlock limits changed (adjustment for game release)
  • New User Interface on main menu
  • In hangar - every plane cost (after unlock) presented on plane card-details
  • New origin airports for AI traffic
  • New markers for plane size (on plane cards)
  • Changes to WoA Radar website (works still in progress there)
  • Unlock of S / M / L / XL destinations with different cost for the same