REL 1.23.7 Beta - Changelog

**Progress log - 18.10.2019
Release: 1.23.7
Deployed: 18.10.2019


  • Plane card with proper number of passangers on left side
  • Game is not crashing to desktop anymore without any reason
  • Cosmetic fixes here and there

New features:

  • Revamped animations for handling
  • Possibility to unlock airplane model from fleetlist (without going back to hangar)
  • Bonus cash-value added to handled plane only if its handled <90% of time (otherwise regular amount to be earned by player)
  • Player planes with different card shade
  • In game currency change (from USD to something “neutral”)

Work in progress

  • Yes works are in progress still (post release content)

Note - animations revamp/changes is still in progress so you may noticed some handling devices going on top of each other here and there