REL 1.23 Alpha - Changelog

**Progress log - 23.August.2019
Release: 1.23
Deployed: 24.08


  • Passangers counter showing wrong value at Main menu and airport selection menu
  • Fixes for XL and L stands for PRG (plaanes not stuck anymore on departure)
  • Fixes on S-stands @ PRG (they dont get reseted upon airport restart)
  • Airplanes landing animations (L/XL) extended for proper visualisation
  • Notifications for IOS / Android changed/upgraded to show where plane is about to land.
  • Jet bridges fix for PRG / BRI
  • Center allignment of L planes @ PRG while in park position at stand
  • Money for own airplanes send granted (accounted in passangers counter in airport as intended)
  • BRI: Stand 307 - wrongly placed / recognized
  • BRI: Traffic jam in vicinity of 202/205 stands

New features:

  • New handling sequence intorduced:
    Step 1 - start stand services (stairs, jetbridge,external power, air condition)
    Step 2 - Deboarding of passengeres, Independent - fuel, water, cargo, baggage
    Step 3 - cleaning, catering
    Step 4 - passangers boarding
  • Minor graphical and UX changes

New features with work-in-progress status - subjected to be implemented next release (Beta)

  • S-plane (Let L-410) to be introduced
  • S-plane (Ba146-200) to be introduced
  • Go-back button on any screen (instead of pause)