Rel 1.4.3


  • Improved ATC ops - Cross Runway option at MCT and Line up option for single runway ops like PRG, SAN, NGO etc. When lit, functionality overrides the runway priority and allows aircraft to depart quicker.

  • New 3D graphic visualisation system to get better FPS on all devices and to remove visual errors.

  • New Languages: Hungarian, Simplified Chinese

  • Restyled A388

  • New A388’s added:
    ANA A380 in Flying Honu (Sea Turtle) - Ka La livery.
    ANA A380 in Flying Honu (Sea Turtle) - Kai livery.
    A380 livery - Asiana Airlines
    A380 livery - China Southern
    A380 livery - Emirates (Expo 2020)
    A380 livery - Hi Fly
    New A388 Players Liveries: Lines & Expo (16 :small_airplane:), Turtle (20 :small_airplane:)

New Aircraft: A332F (20 :small_airplane:) to unlock, W cost 235,000
DHL, Avianca, Hong Kong, Qatar, Turkish

Player liveries: Basic (4 :small_airplane:), Stripes (8 :small_airplane:), Jack (8 :small_airplane:)

New Aircraft: A3ST (Airbus Beluga Cargo A300 version) - not currently available for player use.

New Destinations - Austin,(AUS), Brussels Charleroi (CRL), Bogota, (BOG), Hurghada (HRG), Guatemala City (GUA), Melbourne (MEL), Ontario (ONT), Tampa (TPA)

Updated Sortable Fleet Menu by type, registration and maintenance progress

Arrivals board split to show special arrivals and regular player arrivals separately.

Red and Green beacons on aircraft.

New B738 livery: Orca (10 :small_airplane:)

Bug Fixes (known)

  • Game stability improvement
  • MCT Pushback bug fix from stands 751, 752 and 753
  • IAD landing minigame control bug fix
  • Airplane lights configuration update
  • A332 and A333 thrust reversers fix
  • BAE146 stairs fix
  • PRG gates not attached to terminal buildings - bug fix
  • 3D landscapes button fix (setting is now remembered for next time)
  • Missing building wall at MCT fix
  • IAD floating paint fix
  • C30J sound correction
  • Airplanes departures off the center line - fix
  • HND Tokyo renamed to HND Tokyo Haneda and NRT Narita renamed to NRT Tokyo Narita