REL Alpha.1.21 + 1.21a - Change log

Version: 1.21a
Released on: 16.07

Due to a Unity project migration, there was a problem with the building process, which introduced some major bugs.


  • Portrait mode orientation is now disabled
  • Black Hangar screen
  • Pink airplanes in Hangar

Tracked issues, not yet fixed:

  • Take-off in Innsbruck is broken (Bari and Prague seems perfectly fine)
  • Strange shadow appearing under airplanes at night on some devices
  • ATR propellers not spinning when they should

Version: 1.21
Released on: 15.07


  • Click spots for stands building at any airport
  • Camera shaking/jitters on max zoom out
  • Handling times dependent on level of equipment
  • On arrival - “stuck/blocked” planes that are not landing
  • User will not be charged twice for building of airport facilities (with disconnection in between)
  • “Unlock next Airport” popup will not lock plane cards anymore
  • Handling progress being saved during handling. After resuming game you start with what you had handled when you exited the game
  • Missing various lights in PRG
  • Landing planes not to vacate runway before its cleared by departing flight
  • New collision detection system (to prevent airplanes clashing when taxing/leaving stands)
  • Missing/gone own airplane on route BRI<>PRG (ATR72 model)
  • Missing/gone own airplane on route PRG<>AMS (A380 model)
  • PRG: Proper stands unlock for newly built terminals
  • PRG - Map update (where “stationery” handling devices were in clash with those on the move).

UX/visual changes:

  • Gold card for golden plane
  • Airplane “handling plane in progress” button change
  • Choosen airplane marked - changed

New features with work-in-progress status - subjected to be implemented in future releases

  • New experimental airplane selection outline
  • Ambient sound effects on airports
  • Traffic priority function: new button to set priority for : arrival/departure/balanced
  • Possibility to sell own airplanes
  • Possibility to hold plane on taxiway to give priority to another plane that is on the move
  • Different login method
  • Simulation of incoming traffic with arrival board (panes will not land automatically without limit)