Removal or a change in Seasons (game leaderboards and such)

So, I feel like seasons, as cool as it is (to have a dedicated refreshing leaderboard) Having your progress reset every season is a bit annoying, especially for people (like me) who aren’t as dedicated to this game. So it being removed or changed in some way would be really amazing. It would also attract a larger fanbase meaning more users.

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I don’t mind the progress resetting, however I think seasonal routes would be a good idea, meaning we can operate seasonal flights to various destinations.

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I did mention ‘changing how it works’ so maybe the more you play the better handling equipment you can start with or more money you can start with?. Me not having played the game since it’s first 5 months of initial release don’t properly know how the new stuff works, but I’m guessing it removes planes (which once again for non-regular players can be annoying).

I entirely understand the point of those who don’t play often, as I myself have periods where I don’t feel like playing. The handling equipment is a good idea, it would really help newer players I particular. However we need more variety in the rewards, that aren’t special arrivals or aircraft. Such as routes, stands or like you suggest, handling equipment.

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I’m thinking something like higher upgraded handling equipment (Calculated by the amount of times used). Events wise More ground based events such as a president arrival or maybe some random events you could get such as a boost in plane handling times or a boost in plane spawning rates. Or even airport unlocks (probably less detailed airport unlocks (to be detailed more in minor update) ) or maybe unlocking level up exclusive routes?

By airports I mean the extremely minor destination airport (Velana International or Some airfields and other minor airports)

Airport unlocks I highly doubt will ever be a thing. Pay to access airports may be a thing of the future.

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Yeah, If they would think well enough though they might not (cause it would absolutely destroy the younger mainly under 13 player base) and playing Airport PRG I really dont think it will happen but maybe, just maybe

The airports probably a tiny bit improbable but the non-aviation related evets might because it’s world of airports and not world of aviation. The events though feel under-whelming, it should give a sense of accomplishment. Something like someone important visiting the airport and giving your airport a boost.