Removing planes

This is mainly a question for @carlsberg72 but do they ever plane to remove out of service planes? I’ve seen things like aer lingus and Lufthansa Bae 146 jets and would love to see them with the Bae advanced model, but is that even planned with the jets retirement, this also goes for the America 747,as that is retired, and other mainline operators like ba retiring it, are we going to see that disappear?

I do not believe so, in fact the BA 747 is on the development list to add and they have all been retired right now. They have the flybe 146 and that airline is defunct (although moves are being made to bring it back)
It just adds additional variety to the game and with the ability to turn off planes you don’t want you can tailor your airports to your desire.

I quite like the AA 747, but then I’m old and used to seeing rows and rows of them at airports like LHR.

Has it not been considered putting the American 747 into the Chrome livery? Bit more realistic as they did operate 747-100s and 747SP in that livery.

That’s nice to hear, even though aer lingus and Lufthansa may not operate the Bae I’d love to see them, I hate it when games remove things that add to the game play and it really does make me glad to see there are no such plans to remove aircraft and airlines

I think that’s only likely to happen when they do the advanced model versions which are on the consideration list. I agree it would be cool to see that. Actually all the AA planes in that livery would be great.

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I saw the 757 on the liveries tab, shame they would only consider it to be a premium arrival instead of a regular. I must admit the United 757 needs its livery changing.

On the subject of removing aircraft and livery updates, are the devs going to be updating the A19N model? It really needs its engines updating and has a couple of bugs on it.

Right now the focus is getting MCT completed, that will be taking the majority of the bandwidth they have. I will ask if there is a plan to update, but I’ve not heard anything at this point

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Insteas of AA, it would be better to have Unuted/Delta 747.

But keep AA, right?

Ok. All I can say at this point. Is that it is known that the engines are in question and there is a plan to handle it in the future. Beyond that. Right now no immediate plans to change.

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Cheers mate, glad the developers are considering it.