Restart from scratch option

I just unlocked IAD and was a little too excited…
Right away I bought the advanced handling, a medium stand, and a new baggage car getting me down to 0 money. I now dont have any money to buy upgrades so my planes are running out of time and I’m not making any money. We should have a restart button in case of situations like these or if you just want to restart the airport from the beginning that reverts everything you’ve bought and all the stands and puts you back at the start with 10000 money.

The red button is a reset button image

Ah, okay, thanks! I was able to solve my problem another way, but that is helpful. I didn’t see that.

If I restart my airport does it give me the money back that I spent as well or only the starting money?

Only starting money. The currency you spent you lost <plane for 10.000>