Since starting, I’ve learned a lot and realized that I made several errors along the way that at this point would cost many gold planes to correct. I would really like to just restart from the beginning and use what I’ve learned to do things differently this time, but know that the game does not offer the RESTART option. I know I can reset airports but that does not fix or correct the errors that I have made and really would not accomplish anything for me personally……someone stated that if I turn off Game Center, delete the game, and then reinstall it I would be starting fresh……but if I do this won’t I lose any progress I make when I trade my phone in for a new one, lose my phone, break my phone etc? Or is there a way to save your progress somehow where it can be retrieved??? I REALLY wish they would offer a restart option!!

you can start the game all new and fresh with another account which would be based on another email.
It is an easy process but a time consuming one it would take like 15-20minutes for me on an android mobile.
This will help you save the current progress and also start a new one without loosing the current progress.

Ok. If I play WITHOUT Game Center, do you automatically lose any progress if you switch phones etc?

If you play without the game center I think you will loose the progress as your progress would not be associated with any account.
If you switch phones you will need to use the same account to get the previous progress or else use another account to get started from the scratch.

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Agree, besides I think username changing option could be offered. Ask those android users, who started playing and got a very unusual name from google play games.

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