Retro airport, vanished airlines, unexisting combinations

Hello. I love the original PRG game. I wonder if you would consider spmething like this over time. Airport throgh the decades. No longer existing airlines…Connies, Lockheet Elektras, Caravels…Balkan Tu154…for example. Is this game all based only on real existing planes and airlines? I mean could we ever see Il62 of Lufthansa or A380 of Alitalia? Wow I let my fantasy go. lol But still I am curios. Also I see almost every European airline but not Bulgaria Air or Tarom. I am only on the 1st 3 airports so I wonder if I will see these airlines in any of the next ones?


To be honest, them trying to make WoA as realistic as possible (without ruining the experience too much) Un-existing combinations feel like a straight no… about airline liveries being added theirs always the feedback website so I suggest you vote for the airplane and if that livery you want is their vote for it.

On everything else, those are most likely long term ideas because people have been discussing about that and there hasn’t been a “definite no”.

Good point, but it would be great to have this version of colliding ages and deceased airlines. i am personally curios why we see all major European airlines except Bulgaria Air and Tarom. I am about to unlock Chicago, but I doubt I will see this there.

I would imagine that part of the ability to get permission/copyrights to use logos is easier with existing or at least get recent airlines.

Whereas past airlines might be a bit harder. I for instance would love to see the Sun King logo from the old National Airlines in the US. But that airline went out of business in 1980. And the aircraft that used it aren’t in the game yet. USAir’s brown and burnt orange also stick out. But getting the rights might be harder.