Reverse thrust problem after update 2.2.2

Hello, i would just like to point out a little bug to the devs after the recent update. Im aware that the reworked aircraft does not have reverse thrusters but because of this it has now bugged all of the other aircrafts so that they do not deploy. Here are some photos to back this up…

Thank you😊


So far this is only of the pull back reverse thrusters (Ex 737), the push out thrusters seem to work (ex A319 I think I’ve seen working)

Yes but the a220 is reworked and the reversers are suppost to be working

Dose other aircraft like the 737-400/800, 747-400 and A330-200/300 work? And if so fell free to report it to the devs

They do not work also pretty big bummer😂

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Devs are aware. I suspect 2.2.3 will come as a hotfix to correct it, but don’t know for certain

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Thank you😊

Didn’t they say the snow in LHR was fixed? The scenery is covered in snow but the airport isn’t. Very strange looking


That’s how all airports are, they don’t cover the buildings or stuff in snow

Right, but the grass and parts of the tarmac are on the other airports. At least on the older models like IAD

If that’s changed, then that’s news to me (and it looks really bad)

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