Revert to previous versions

Hi all, will be a difference of opinion here, but my view the paying for arrival slots has made the game go downhill, compared to the amazing game it was before, i was just getting to build fleets, having busy airports etc, all money/ fleets gone now. will take a while to build up, unless i actually buy more gold planes.

so, is it possible to revert to the old version of the games before these slot charges ???


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Nope it is not possible (this new system was always on developers mind and it will still be developed with next releases with some more new features, but not only - tweaks/fixes here and there as well).

Actually building fleet is easier now as there is no cooldown on sending planes to same destination if enough slots are opened for departure = earning money is faster than before.


“earning money is faster than before.”

got to disagree here mate.

On a long run (not instant) it is faster (less time necessary to spend in game to send couple of planes even if You own one destination with 3 slots).

Still its just my opinion :slight_smile:


ta mate, guess , we all have differing views on the new version.

@Baildon-Viking-1974 Shill said

I understand why you think the game has gotten harder when youre still in the early stages of the game, and i agree it has probably gotten a bit harder just because you have to buy arrival slots (more on this later) , what @shill said is that in the long run its easyer, which is something that i can personally confirm. Not waiting for the cooldown on your own planes is a huge efficiency and quality of life improvement. The thing about arrival slots is that as soon as you start unlocking with tokens getting planes is much quicker. It just takes a bit more time, and for that extra invested time you basically get the landing slot for free, instead of paying for it 10k or 20k etc…


Take a look at the figures after this Jul20 release!

At INN with a BAE 146 the 4 highest paying destinations are TBS (W 1301), SVO (W 949), LIS (W 889) and RHO (W 852).

With a 738 they are TBS (W 2161), SVO (W 1567), LIS (W 1466) and RHO (W 1408).

Can you imagine what can be earned with this?


The 1.2.6 update provided the following destinations:
From INN to TBS , a B738 earns ₩2,161
From BRI to OVB, a B738 earns ₩4,169 !
PRG got HEL, MAD, LIS where M planes make at least ₩1,000
At IAD the S and M planes don’t have to compete for slots to SFO and LAS. AND they added SEA (₩1,822 for BAe) and LAX (₩1,807 for BAe) as destinations for S planes.

The update now lets us purchase Gold planes for ₩15,000 (via Saab, instead of ₩22,000 via ATR72).

The 1.2.6 has made it a lot easier to earn ₩ at the lower levels. I mean ₩4,169 for a M flight out of BRI ?!?!? Send it off each night before you go to bed.


HI Gents, all good info, thanks, after playing for a couple of hrs last night, it does seem that you can move up the new departure tier levels quite quick, meaning a W bonus, which can then buy more slots. so ok, am giving it the benefit of the doubt.

so, NAGOYA, i have slots for 5-6 X planes, 8-9 M planes, what is the strategy here, do i build the next phase of the terminal ? or buy my first M plane , basically want the quickest way to earn W, so that i can get as many planes/slots, then build my fleet.

any comments would be great.

Buying airplanes comes first, I think. They are going to make the money for further expansion. Max out the now available stands so that they also generate income.The moment you have more own planes than stands, you can expand. The money should be available at that time.

However, opening up the highest revenue destinations first is even better. The generic planes coming from them provides money, servicing them gives you tokens (which you can use for slots to be used by your own planes) and your planes start at max income from day one.

Tough choices to make.

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