Revival of WoApedia

WoApedia is gone from the new version. Maybe it’s still there somewhere, but I’m shocked because it was one of my favorite pages. I am also sad that I can no longer view the airlines by aircraft. I really hope it will be restored.


Agreed, it was also quite helpful for buying destinations, hope it comes back

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I suspect it will in time. The major focus for the devs was getting the gameplay fixed and that took long enough for them. I am sure more updates will be forthcoming


I agree, although the Woapedia likely isn’t the developers main focus, im really sad to see this feature go as well as the fact that you can no longer see airline liveries in the hangar, as I used to really enjoy spending time looking at all of the different liveries on different aircraft.

I liked it too, but with the sheer amount of new contracts it probably would have taken too long.

I wish they had kept the hangar so we could still see the new liveries. I was surprised by a United E175 livery in a contract in IAD that I can’t seem to find more of

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I’m missing that too, cause I can’t seem to find my Airasia in Nagoya its not in the Transferred Contract nor in the Map Contract.

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I just remembered that I enjoy compiling a table of flights of various companies, but since 2.0, WoApedia has disappeared and even if I want to check it, I can see the company name and route in the contract section, but not the flight number.
Even if WoApedia is not restored, I would like to see the flight numbers of routes that I do not have a contract with.