Round Trip Timer Start

One of the things i’m hoping can be addressed for 2.1 is the start time of the in flight timer.

As of now, the in flight timer starts when we tell an aircraft to taxi to the runway, which for aircraft with shorter routes (say 20-30 minutes round trip) results in them sometimes being ready to come back as soon as they take off, as the taxi time takes at least 5 minutes (closer to 10 at MCT/LEJ for some) and thats even before other aircraft in the take off queue are factored in.

An easy fix would be to have the in flight timer start when the aircraft rotates off the runway instead of starting it at the gate, which will hopefully make it more enjoyable to handle shorter route S and M aircraft.

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Actually this mirrors reality so there’s no real need to change it. The bigger issue is the timing itself and how long that is, which has been the subject of much discussion

If you think about an actual airline schedule. The departure and arrival times are gate based not runway based. So starting the clock when aircraft leaves is entirely appropriate