Russian Airlines removed

The developers said that they are going to remove all military aircraft but they also removed all Russian Airlines without telling us. I am a huge fan of AirBridgeCargo and Volga Dnepr.
Removing them due to the Russian attack in the Ukraine is unnecessary and just shows that the developers didn’t think that removing all military aircraft was enough as an act of solidarity and peace. Don’t get me wrong, removing military aircraft is an okay idea because the game mainly focuses around zivil aviation anyways. But removing Airlines simply because their countries leader started a war that they had no influence on is actually kind of foolish. The Airlines are the last ones that profit from this war!!!

There are plenty of other ways to show alliance and connection to all people in the Ukraine that have to suffer because of Russia. (for example liveries for your planes etc.)

Pls think about putting them in again as they also played a vital part in the game (especially for me)

They are not going to change their minds. I know this for a fact. This thread will be locked.