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AT43, AT43F, AT46, AT76
BAE146, B462F
Dash Q400
E170, E175

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Umm, is this correct?

Where’s the stairs?

Yes, this update passengers enter and exit from both sides. But it wasn’t added so that passengers should jump of the plane, was it?

no, they shouldn’t jump out, how can they even jump in?

it was also my first plane I handled at BRI

Seems to be all BEA’s


Yes, the problem is in the BEA’s


Very minor but I have seen something in the right engine (left from this view) on this CRJ.

Yeah that’s the baggage door, I assume that would be fixed when the advanced model comes out

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I hope they make a better process for loading/deloading baggage of small airplanes. Atleast it will be better than throwing.


Yup, throwing will break the bags or what’s in them

I bought my first E175 plane in IAD to operate it between IAD and SAN.
The operational-range of the plane is 2300 NM, and SAN is less than 2000 NM (1953?) from IAD.
So the aircraft has to be good for direct flight (without technical stop), but I could send it just with tech. stop…
Please check the problem!

Not a problem, while you are correct on the pure range data, in reality East to West USA has serious headwinds which in reality would cause aircraft to do this anyway, so this is very unlikely to be changed because it was deliberately designed this way by the devs.

Should the E170/175 not have a baggage conveyer? I’d say they are a little tall to throw bags out of the holds like that.