Same airline, more planes


i can see in many videos that same airline (e.g Emirates) has 4-5 A380 landed at the same airport.

I’ve seen this in Muscat, Washington…

How i can do this? Because when i make a contract with an airline, the plane i choose is just one… I want to add same planes from same airline to land in the same time or a little bit time difference…

Hope i was clear.

Cheers and safe flying!


I’ve noticed this too especially since Emirates has a lot of flights to LHR, I’d hope we’d get this ability soon


I would think those are transferred contracts from the V1 version of the game. In V1, creating contracts with level L or X planes was a bit easier than it is now.

that would be correct. New contracts are on a 1:1 basis, but if you had an existing fleet prior to V2 going live, those contracts were maintained and could cause the issue noted above. This was done so as not to impact prior players who had previously built up significant fleets of both owned and generic planes.

Do you know if there is a certain reason why the ability to have multiple of the same aircraft with the same airline was taken away?

Only the devs really know why. A lot of it was down to balancing additional destinations, airlines and the like and not having people just max out a ton of aircraft on a single route. There were limits in V1 to the number of aircraft on an individual route. Player routes were switched to unlimited, but generics were limited to 1 per type.

That makes sense, but It would be nice if the limit was stretched out to maybe 3 or 5.


That’s why i thinking to. Maybe 2 airplanes from same airline and route to land.