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Not sure if this is reported, but taxiway B8 typically has planes crossing over each other. In this case, the game locked up on a three-way between crossing B9 and taxiway B (between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 East).


(thank you, Andy)

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Problems with L/X slots 43,44,45,46.
For clear experiment I take
43 B747
44 B787
45 B747
46 B787
All planes simultaneously starting to handling.
After first plane in 44 slot end his passengers handling, plane in 46 still handling it’s passengers, difference was like 1 min 14+/- sec between 44 and 46.
Than plane in slot 43 end his passengers handling, plane in 45 still handling it’s passengers, difference was like 1 min 50+/- sec between 43 and 45.
All other service had the same time handling, expect passengers.
What should be, planes in pair slots 43 and 45, 44 and 46 must end their passengers handling in same time +/- 1-2 sec.
I fill all 4 slot’s with same type of planes like 4xA340, 4x380, simultaneously starting all 4 planes, results same, planes in 45 and 46 fall behind in handling passenger compare for 43 and 44 slot’s.

43 & 44 have gates, 45 & 46 have stairs & they take a lot longer.

  1. Where this write or have mentation in game?
  2. So You want to say, that I use to handling passengers two different services? Where in game I can see this 2 different services for handling passenger.

If I open service for handling passengers, upgrading them, I am expecting to work them same for every planes, if there some exception, than I need to be inform about this exception, to take them to account, and won’t be surprised if something work not how I expect it to work.

Gates for an unknown reason work faster, I beleive its because people can leave st a leg r frequency whereas stairs provide slower service due to a need for a line, so you will expect the stand 45 and 46 to be eons slower

Yep, but when timer start, they write same amount time for service. in B747 it’s 5 min and 36 sec, timer for both plane begin to tick in same time, but… first plane after 5:36 already finish, another plane late for 1min and 50 sec. So timer on second airplane slow down. If it’s different speed, so it’s must be write in plane status not 5:36 for B747 but 7 min and 25 sec on 45 and 46 gates.

I’ve not looked at the timer on the aircraft but it’s the same at all airports, the stairs are slower than the gates. For example at PRG gate 23 is a lot faster than stand 58 for the Ls. Like @horsepowergeek said, I’m guessing it simulates the fact the the stairs requires buses etc, in real life 2 of them don’t turn up & release 500 passengers. I don’t know how close the times are in reality but after flying on Ryanair from LPL my guess is it must be the stairs that are quickest😀

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Close encounters of the worst kind:

Not sure if this has been reported but in other airports you are able to bring in as many aircraft as you want from one destination currently at SAN the open slots are not being filled from neither singles (all sizes) and multiples from one airport destination.

Since the update I am not able to open my unlocked routes to PRG anymore. See the screenshot below.
I’m playing on an iPhone.

Hi, I found a little bug. I play SAN since a few days and today I see, that are the numbers from the gates are not similar to the numbers of the gate on ground. So gate 20 on ground is gate 21 in the UI. Actually I only have the first terminal and there every gatenumber in the UI is one number higher then the number of the ground. I don’t know if the other terminals are also affected.

That’s the case for all gates. The in-game gate 1 is in fact 1-A (real life counting continues from 1 at the next gate, which is gate 2 in-game).

I’ve let the devs know this a while back, not a priority at the moment is all I can say

Sometimes planes arriving at the airport will use default handling time instead of upgraded handling time. Lead to some very long handling time.

Aircraft pushing back into a stationary aircraft. (Stand/Gate 7)